Elephant - Plain text, organized.

You have 24 hours a day.

Get organized with Elephant and make them count!

Organize your life as fast as you can type it.

Find out how
  • Note-taking

    • Tag with #Topics and +Contacts.
    • Add reminders to your notes.
    • Attach to projects as support material.
  • Calendar

    • Drag and drop to organize.
    • Attach checklists to events.
    • Intuitive repeating events.
    • Bring Maps up on demand.
  • Next Actions

    • Organize by @Contexts.
    • Start and Due Dates.
    • Add checklists to an action.
  • Projects

    • Complete actions in order, including sub projects.
    • Due dates and repeating projects.
    • Attach notes as support material.
  • Agenda

    • Your day, at a glance.
    • Hide or show reminders.
    • Maps and Directions on demand.

Plain text, organized.

Elephant takes plain text and turns it into useful information such as calendar events, next actions and projects. Try out the examples here and see for yourself.

Try out the Prototype

Elephant is currently available as an offline prototype suitable for up to date versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

You can try out organizing your life in plain text today with this prototype that sports all of the features in the demonstration videos, including note-taking, calendars, next actions and projects. Everything is kept offline so you don't even need to sign up for an account, everything you do stays on your computer so your privacy is assured.

Elephant can help you be more organized and get more out of your day. Try out the prototype, designed for the desktop, and see for yourself!

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